Every time you come into Waraji and spend $20, you will get a free soup and salad to go along with your meal.

Waraji Sushi Lovers Club
Can you not get enough Waraji? Do you order off menu when you come in to dine? Have you been eating at Waraji for years? Or are you just wanting to get in on the behind the scenes with Chef Masa and the rest of the Waraji? Then you are a Waraji Lover and we want to reward you. Sign up for the Waraji Lovers newsletter below and each month you’ll get a special newsletter with monthly Sake flight information, interesting facts about sushi, upcoming events and specials as well as periodically be entered to win $25, $50 or $100 gift cards to Waraji!


July 2014

Featured Sake – $18/flight

Nanbu Bijin “Southern Beauty” Junmai Ginjo, Iwate SMV +1
Full-bodied and very smooth. Enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Kurosawa, Junmai, Nagano SMV +2
Fruity on the nose. Slightly dry. Ripe bananas. Smooth finish.

Snow Shadow Tokubetsu-Junmai Niigata SMV +4
Aroma shows apple marzipan. Soft, light-bodied and long finish.

Daku Nigori, Niigata SMV -2
Mild and creamy, only slightly sweet. Pairs well with spicy foods.

Featured Wine

Naia Rueda, Spain
Fruity and mouth-filling, with considerable body and very silky. Tropical fruits with a pleasant, citrusy finish.
— $6.00/glass

Umani Ronchi Podere Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
Delicate aromas of plum and morello cherry, robust and full-bodied in the mouth, slightly tannin-rich with a dry and flavorful finish.
— $6.00/glass


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